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Our History

All Australians have an opportunity to engage in sport and physical activity in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


As part of the National Sport Plan (Sport 2030), the Australian Government committed to sport and physical activity becoming more accessible to people with a disability. In September 2017, the Australian Sports Commission brought together leaders from across the disability sport sector to co-design a shared vision for the future of disability sport in Australia. From this workshop, the NSOD Project was created, and an Oversight Committee was established to guide the delivery of 16 key recommendations for the sector.

Since 2019, National Sporting Organisations for people with a Disability (NSOD’s) have collaborated to create a collective vision to represent the needs of individuals with a disability, impairment, or limitation throughout Australia.

The NSOD’s formed a key representative agency for sport and physical activity for people with a disability – the Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability, ASAPD.  

The NSOD’s involved represent lead organisations whose participant numbers, members and volunteers involve millions of people across Australia, and include:

  • Blind Sports Australia
  • Deaf Sports Australia
  • Disability Sports Australia
  • Disabled Wintersport Australia
  • Riding for the Disabled Australia
  • Special Olympics Australia
  • Sport Inclusion Australia
  • Transplant Australia.

The members’ history is rich dating back to 1954, with a combined experience of more than 430 years and have countless examples of improving lives.   The Australian Sport Commission has worked with the Alliance since its inception by providing funding and staffing support to enhance its development and sustainability.

On the 22nd  of December 2022, the Alliance was formally recognised as company limited by guarantee. The entity via this legal recognition will be able to apply for and receive funds that will be used to implement its strategy.

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