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Celebrating Volunteering: ASAPD Joins the National Strategy for Volunteering!

We are excited to announce our official involvement in the National Strategy for Volunteering, an initiative developed in 2022 with the aim of reshaping and enhancing the future of volunteering in Australia.

The National Strategy for Volunteering was co-created by stakeholders from across the volunteering ecosystem, and provides a blueprint for the next ten years that will enable volunteering in Australia to thrive.

Volunteering is integral to Australian society, particularly in the sporting and disability communities. From coaching local sports teams, scoring matches, or coordinating community sports programs, volunteers play an invaluable role and make a meaningful difference thanks to their passion and commitment.

The vision of the National Strategy captures the essence of volunteering: “Volunteering is the heart of Australian Communities.” It emphasises the importance of:

  • Encouraging more people to volunteer regularly.
  • Ensuring that volunteers feel valued and respected for their contributions.
  • Integrating volunteering into policy decisions, service designs, and strategic investments.
  • Recognising and celebrating the diversity of volunteering.
  • Empowering individuals and communities to thrive through volunteering.

The strategy outlines three key areas to achieve its vision:

  1. Individual Potential and the Volunteer Experience: Ensuring that volunteering is safe, inclusive, accessible, meaningful, and fair.
  2. Community and Social Impact: Highlighting and celebrating the diverse and profound impact of volunteering.
  3. Conditions for Volunteering to Thrive: Creating an environment that fosters effective and sustainable volunteering efforts.

We invite more organisations to join us in supporting the National Strategy for Volunteering. Visit the Coalition of Support webpage: to pledge your support and become part of this transformative movement, driving positive social change and fostering greater growth for our communities.